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Ad material

1. The Advertiser shall provide the necessary materials, in electronic format, to be used for the web ad.

2. If the Advertiser has no ready ad material, Balikbayan can refer its web designer to design and create the ad. The fee for this service and payment terms thereof is subject to the Balikbayan web design rates and terms.

3. Ads are subject to adjustment and/or editing as the Balikbayan web master deems necessary. Such revision shall be notified the advertiser before being undertaken.

4. The advertiser or its agency may pick up their ad materials from the Balikbayan office anytime within one year after its posting. Balikbayan reserves the right to destroy all ad materials after the said period. Balikbayan shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to ad materials not retrieved by the advertiser.


Posting rules

1. Ad posting must be covered by a filled-up Balikbayan Website Ad Posting Form available from any Balikbayan advertising representative. The form serves as the advertising contract between Balikbayan and the advertiser.

2. Balikbayan will not post any ad materials without the accomplished Balikbayan Website Ad Posting Form.

3. Balikbayan does not guarantee that ads of any competitor of the advertiser will not appear on the same page.



Terms of payment

1. Fifty percent down within five working days from the date of posting of the ad. The balance payable on the last day of the month.

2. Cash or check made payable to Planet Pinoy Publishing Inc.



1. Ads must be submitted five working days before actual placement date.

2. Balikbayan shall not be made liable for any delay due to late submission of ad materials by the advertiser.

3. Should the advertiser avail of the web ad design and creation services of Balikbayan, one week shall be allotted for production and three working days for approval and revisions of the ad.



Should the advertiser wishes to cancel the ad posting or production, Balikbayan must be notified in writing or by e-mail within five working days. Any payment made to Balikbayan is not refundable.



1. Balikbayan will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the failure of any online ad to appear from any cause whatsoever and from errors in any ad posted online.

2. The advertiser or its agency is solely responsible for any claims or expenses arising from the unauthorized use of names, sketches, photographs, words, logos, trademarks, or other Copyrighted materials in their ad.



1. Posting rate excludes EVAT.

2. Balikbayan reserves the right to revise its ad rates at any time after a 90-day notification period.