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Accessible and spacious

   The MARITIME MEDICAL and LABORATORY CLINIC is an annex of the PHYSICIANS’ DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES CENTER. The clinic is located at the second floor of Paragon Tower at 531 A. Flores St., Ermita, Manila.

   The MARITIME MEDICAL and LABORATORY CLINIC has a total of 650 sq. meter clinic space. It has a comfortable, luxurious and spacious seating capacity of about 100 at any one time.

   The clinic started its operation on June 24, 1999.

   Well-trained staff

   The staff consist of medical and para-medical employees trained in the field of Industrial and Occupational Medicine, ILO Medical Guidelines for Seafarers and other medical guidelines issued by various maritime health authorities such as the Department of Environment and Transport Regions, Maritime Coast Guard Agency (U.K.), Merchant Shipping Examination Regulation (Netherlands) French Southern and Antarctic Territories (France) Seeberufgenosenchaft (Germany) and Medical Examination for Seagoing personnel (Sweden).

Sophisticated equipment

   This clinic consist of highly sophisticated medical equipment that includes a Treadmill machine, Video microscope and a table with ceiling mounted X-ray machine, and not to mention other sophisticated state of the art equipment loaned by respected drug companies such as Abbot, Organon Teknika, and Zhuellig. The clinic is also computerized complete with data storage, certificate production and a direct link to the PHYSICIANS’ DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES CENTER data bank for for pertinent information and other classified information vital to the security and interest of both clinic and its clients.

President and medical director

   Our president is DR. PEDRO S. DE GUZMAN, president of the Philippine College of Occupational medicine, a fellow and diplomate in Occupational Medicine.

   Our medical director is DR. JOSELITO L. DE GUZMAN, a Radiologist and member of the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine.

   The MARITIME MEDICAL and LABORATORY CLINIC is recognized and approved by the Norwegian Embassy, Swedish Embassy, Netherlands, Danish, Malaysia, Panama, Liberia, French Southern and Antarctic Territories, and other host country that only requires Philippine Overseas Employment Agency accreditation.

Quality service

   With the above mentioned qualification as well as over 20 years experience of our directors and staff, we believe our clinic may give quality service in the field of pre-employment medical examination for our seafarers.

Map Location of MMLC
Room 303, Paragon Tower, 531 A. Flores St., Ermita, Manila
Tel Nos. 526-5541 to 50 loc. 218 / TeleFax. 526-3802
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